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My experience of Karen as a massage therapist is that she is extraordinary. I have had a lot of massages in my life, and Karen offers perhaps the best I have received. I believe that the reasons for this is that not only does Karen bring her amazing hands to her work, but also brings a keen intuition and the strength of her heart. She is amazing at what she does. I would recommend her, and have, without a moments hesitation.

--Jeff Anderson

During my pregnancy and postpartum, Karen gave me the best massages that I have ever received. Even with my experience working at a spa and receiving massages from various therapists I can honestly say that Karen's techniques are the most intuitive, effective and therapeutic. She is an amazing healer.

--Shelly Hughes

I have received many massages and physical therapy treatments throughout my life, but none have been quite as wonderful as they have been from Karen. Although not as familiar as other techniques, myofascial release continues to help release the pain and tension I have with chronic hip pain. Whether it’s a massage, therapeutic yoga or a meditation session she has a peaceful quiet strength about her that is calming and relaxing. With her healing touch and powerful spirit; it is an experience not to be missed!!

--Juli Balding

Karen did MFR on me and it was an amazing physical and emotional experience. I was a long sufferer of chronic muscle pain and Karen released areas of strains and tension I did not know existed. It wasn't until she reached my ovary area that I truly understood what MFR was about; my body began shaking uncontrollably and I began crying. As Karen encouraged me to "feel" what was happening, I was able to release my pain and sadness from losing my babies; two from miscarriage and three from ectopic pregnancy. I was amazed at how my body reacted, I was shaking as if I were cold but I was warm. It was my body's way of releasing the trauma that was stored in my tissues and cell memory. When the session was over I had a euphoric feeling that lasted for hours. I am comforted to know that I can turn to Karen for this type of healing.

--Deneane Thomsen